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Make Your Deadlines Through Play

What is Boardroom Gamers?

The Buisness Mindset for Gamers

In 2012, I embarked on a mission to unlock the secrets of adulting, and how to succeed in business/life without losing my inner child. Armed with a trusty thought journal, I delved into the daily grind, seeking clarity, structure, and a healthy dose of accountability. I believe that our physical and mental well-being thrives on intentional efforts made, day in and day out.

As I poured my thoughts onto paper, a remarkable thing happened. I discovered that I wasn't alone in my struggles. Conversations with friends and colleagues revealed a common thread of burnout, challenges with focus due to ADHD, and a lamentation over the dwindling fun factor in our lives. It became clear that we needed to inject a little playfulness into our daily routines to preserve our sanity and reignite our sense of joy.

Fueled by curiosity and armed with research, I delved deeper into the realm of work-life integration. I soon learned that incorporating play into our everyday activities is more than just a whimsical notion—it's a powerful tool that boosts efficiency and nurtures a healthy mindset. And thus, a seed of an idea was planted.

Fast forward to today, and I'm thrilled to invite you to join me on this extraordinary journey. Together, as part of the Boardroom Gamers community, we'll explore new and old ways to decompress, open our minds to fresh perspectives, and revolutionize the way we work. Our mission is to bring play and connection back into our over-scheduled lives, saving our sanity while reconnecting with or maintaining our inner child.

Grab your dice, dust off your controller, and get ready for a remarkable adventure. Boardroom Gamers and Connected are here to show you how blending work and play can be the secret sauce to a fulfilling and balanced life. Are you ready to level up? Let's roll for initiative and embark on this exciting quest together!

- Jake 

The Blog:

Meet the Gamers of the Boardroom

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Jake Grant

Entrepreneur | Project Coordinator | Gamer

Gamer | Tresbefree

Coming soon.

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Keith Mophey 

Developer | Coder | Entrepreneur | Writer 

Gamer | BobWallace

Coming soon.

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